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Our Company

At Stratesol, our mission is to simplify innovation funding for entrepreneurs so that they can spend more time on the activities that drive their business forward.

How We Help You Grow

We dive deep into your business to uncover the systems and processes that are holding you back from receiving the funding you deserve.


We identify funding opportunities that match your business' unique mission and create strategies to ensure your business is compliant with each program's requirements.

Claim Preparation

We gather and prepare all the necessary documentation for your claim and file it directly with the funding organization, so that you can spend more time on the activities that grow your business. 

Our claims have a 99% approval rate, which means you can be confident that you'll receive the funding you're eligible for. In the case of an audit, we'll be right by your side to support and defend your claim. 


Our Values

Our commitment to our core values is reflected in the superior service we provide to our clients each and every day.


We listen and take time to build relationships with our clients because we know at the heart of every success is a meaningful connection.


We aim to simplify even the most complex of concepts to make life easier for our clients.


It’s our personal mission to inspire so that our clients see the same unlimited potential in themselves as we see in their innovations.


We empower our clients to take action and grow their business to heights they’ve never imagined.

Unlock your funding potential.

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