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R&D Tax Credit and
SR&ED Consulting

Maximize your innovation investment with strategic tax incentives

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Unlock Funding Opportunities
Streamline the Application Process
Maximize Your Financial Returns
Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way


R&D Tax Credit

In the competitive landscape of innovation, the R&D Tax Credit and SR&ED Consulting services are designed to financially empower your business.

We specialize in identifying qualifying research activities, documenting expenditures, and navigating the application process to maximize your claim.

With our expertise, you can reclaim a substantial portion of your R&D expenses, turning innovative ideas into financial advantages.

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Government Grants

The federal and provincial government offer thousands of grant programs to support you at every stage of your business in the following areas:

Research & Development

Hiring & Training

Market Expansion

Grants can be highly competitive, which means it's important to align your projects with the right programs. Unlike most tax incentive programs, applicants must receive approval before they incur the costs associated to their projects. Having a strategic plan in place helps to ensure you're maximizing the available funding for all of your current and future projects.

Government Grants Include

Our Government Grant Services Include

At STRATESOL, our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise and a shared passion for driving business success.

Opportunity Assessment

We assess your business objectives and identify relevant government grant opportunities aligned with your strategic goals.

Application Preparation

Our experts assist with the preparation of grant applications, ensuring that all required documentation is complete and accurate.

Compliance Support

We provide ongoing support to ensure compliance with grant requirements throughout the funding period.

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Success Stories

Driving Real Innovation and Growth

Discover how Stratesol has successfully facilitated over $120 million in funding across 100+ clients translating into significant advancementsin technology and industry growth.

Success Rate     

With a proven record of success, we prioritize excellence, delivering impactful results with supportive assistance.  

$120+ M
Funding Secured

Helping businesses access the financial resources they need to innovate and grow.

Years of Industry Experience     

With extensive industry expertise, we consistently refine strategies to ensure exceptional results and client satisfaction. 

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What the Credits Include

Uncover Financial Benefits

Turn your R&D activities into valuable tax incentives, fueling further innovation.

Eligibility Assessment

Expert evaluation to determine your projects' qualification for SR&ED tax credits.

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Documentation Support

Comprehensive assistance in preparing and compiling all necessary documentation.

Claim Submission

Strategic submission of your claim to maximize approval rates and financial benefits.


Take the Next Step

Take the Next Step

Unlock the potential of your R&D investments with Stratesol. Our team is ready to guide you through maximizing your tax credit opportunities.

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We dive deep into your business to uncover the systems and processes that are holding you back from receiving the funding you deserve.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Our team possesses vast knowledge across various sectors, ensuring your R&D activities are accurately categorized and claimed.

Compliance Mastery

Stay ahead with our insight into regulatory changes, guaranteeing compliance and maximizing claim potential.

Strategic Documentation

We transform complex technical projects into clear, concise, and compliant documentation that meets agency requirements.

Success-Driven Process

Our process is tailored to increase the success rate of your claims, emphasizing thoroughness and attention to detail.

Personalized Consultation

Dedicated experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs, offering personalized strategies to optimize your R&D tax credits.

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Let’s Craft Your Roadmap to Success Together

Engaging with Stratesol means embarking on a journey toward groundbreaking achievements. Our dedicated team is prepared to listen, understand, and propel your projects forward with strategic funding solutions. Whether you’re taking the first steps in innovation or looking to scale new heights, we’re here to illuminate the path. Discover how our expertise can align with your ambitions. Reach out to us, and let’s make your vision a reality.

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