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Our Services

Stratesol helps turn your ideas into reality. Our team of strategists and technical experts develop strategies to maximize your business' innovation funding and offer business development consulting in the following areas:

✓ Evaluation of your business plan
✓ Corporate tax advisory services
✓ Scaling your business
✓ Expanding your team

Innovation Funding

SR&ED Tax Credit

The Scientific Research & Exploratory Development (SR&ED) program offered by the Canadian government provides more than $3 billion in tax incentives each year to Canadian businesses engaging in research and development activities.

With SR&ED you can get back up to 64% of your R&D costs. Plus, if you’re an eligible small business, you may even qualify for a cash refund.

SR&ED isn't just for scientists and technicians who wear white lab coats. In fact, companies of all sizes and industries may qualify for SR&ED, so long as they're engaged in solving technological problems for which a solution is not presently available.

How We Help?

To qualify for SR&ED, you must have proper evidence of your R&D activities. Stratesol helps you develop documentation systems across your company that are preferred by the CRA when determining your eligibility for SR&ED.


Our team conducts a series of interviews and examines your projects, tools, and expenses in-depth to determine if your work is eligible for SR&ED.


We propose recommendations to maximize your SR&ED claim and support you and your team through the implementation phase.

Stratesol coordinates with your team to complete the technical write-up and files your SR&ED claim with the CRA on your behalf.

Claim Filing

In the case of an audit, we'll walk you through every step of the way and be right by your side to defend your claim.

Audit Support
SR&ED Tax Credit

Government Grants

The federal and provincial government offer thousands of grant programs to support you at every stage of your business in the following areas:

✓ Research & Development
✓ Hiring & Training
✓ Market Expansion

Grants can be highly competitive, which means it's important to align your projects with the right programs. Unlike most tax incentive programs, applicants must receive approval before they incur the costs associated to their projects. Having a strategic plan in place helps to ensure you're maximizing the available funding for all of your current and future projects.

How We Help?

Navigating Opportunities

Our grant database and expertise saves you time in searching for grant programs that match your business' unique goals


We create a strategic plan built just for you that outlines the SR&ED program guidelines with timelines for when to apply.

Our team of technical experts work with you and your project managers to prepare the application for submission.


Unlock your funding potential.

Government Grants
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