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Empowering Innovation Across Borders

Leveraging non-dilutive funding and strategic partnerships to boost your company's growth potential. Specializing in R&D Tax Credits, Grant Opportunities, and Industrial Technological Benefits (ITB) Consulting.

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Our Commitment

Empowering Excellence: Our Commitment Unveiled!"

We've helped our clients claim over $100 million in SR&ED tax credits and government grants.

Our Services

Elevate Your Funding Eligibility with Stratesol

Unlock opportunities for growth through tailored strategies and SR&ED excellence.

R&D and SR&ED Services:

Maximizing your entitlements through expert guidance on Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) and R&D Tax Credits.

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Grant Opportunities:

Navigating the wide array of grant opportunities to find the perfect match for your innovative projects.

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ITB Consulting:

Specializing in Industrial Technological Benefits consulting, we help you meet your obligations with strategic initiatives that offer high value propositions.

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About Us

Your Gateway to Innovation Funding

At Stratesol, we are dedicated to helping companies navigate the complex landscape of non-dilutive funding. Whether you're a startup looking for growth opportunities or a large enterprise aiming to fulfill your Industrial Technological Benefits (ITB) obligations, we provide customized solutions to drive your innovation forward.

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Success Stories

Driving Real Innovation and Growth

Discover how Stratesol has successfully facilitated over $120 million in funding across 100+ clients translating into significant advancements
in technology and industry growth.

Success Rate     

With a proven record of success, we prioritize excellence, delivering impactful results with supportive assistance.  

$120+ M
Funding Secured

Helping businesses access the financial resources they need to innovate and grow.

Years of Industry Experience     

With extensive industry expertise, we consistently refine strategies to ensure exceptional results and client satisfaction. 

 Why Stratesol?

How We Help You Grow

We dive deep into your business to uncover the systems and processes that are holding you back from receiving the funding you deserve.

Expertise and Experience:

Proven track record in boosting companies' growth through strategic funding and consulting services.

Customized Solutions:

Understanding that every company is unique, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals.

Global Reach, Local Impact:

While maintaining a strong focus on Canadian innovation, our global network allows us to empower companies worldwide.


Let’s Get Started

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At Stratesol, we're dedicated to propelling your business to new heights. Whether you're seeking tailored strategies, SR&ED expertise, or a combination of both, our team is ready to be your strategic partner for success.
Discover the transformative power of Stratesol's strategic solutions. Let us understand your business, identify opportunities, and outline a roadmap for your success.

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Our Process

Our Strategic Process

We dive deep into your business to uncover the systems and processes that are holding you back from receiving the funding you deserve.

Discovery Session

In our initial consultation, we dive deep into understanding your business, challenges, and aspirations.

SR&ED Optimization

For clients seeking SR&ED expertise, this phase involves a thorough examination of your research and development

Results Evaluation

StrateSol is committed to delivering tangible results. We conduct thorough evaluations to measure the impact of our strategies and SR&ED optimization.

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Ready to unlock funding opportunities and propel your innovation forward? Reach out to Stratesol today. Drop us a message or give us a call — we’re here to guide you towards transformative growth. Let’s start crafting your success story together

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