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Maximize your business' innovation funding.

Tailored strategies and SR&ED expertise to help improve your funding eligibility and grow your business.

We've helped our clients claim over $100 million in SR&ED tax credits and government grants.

How We Help You Grow

We dive deep into your business to uncover the systems and processes that are holding you back from receiving the funding you deserve.


We identify funding opportunities that match your business' unique mission and create strategies to ensure your business is compliant with each program's requirements.

Claim Preparation

We gather and prepare all the necessary documentation for your claim and file it directly with the funding organization, so that you can spend more time on the activities that grow your business. 

Our claims have a 99% approval rate, which means you can be confident that you'll receive the funding you're eligible for. In the case of an audit, we'll be right by your side to support and defend your claim. 


Our Expertise

SR&ED Tax Credit

The Scientific Research & Exploratory Development (SR&ED) tax credit offered by the Canadian government allows you to get back up to 64% of your R&D costs. If you're an eligible small business, you may even qualify for a cash refund.

Government Grants

The federal and provincial government offer thousands of grant programs to support you at every stage of your business. Our Custom Funding Guide matches your business' goals with grants in the following areas:

✓ Research & Development
✓ Hiring & Training
✓ Market Expansion

Unlock your funding potential.

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