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ITB Consulting

Navigate the complexities of Industrial Technological Benefits obligations with confidence.

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ITB Consulting

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, fulfilling Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) obligations presents both a challenge and an opportunity for large companies. At Stratesol, we specialize in transforming these obligations into strategic advantages. Our comprehensive ITB consulting services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your company's innovation goals and the broader Canadian economic landscape. With a rigorous, five-step approach, we guide our clients through strategic matchmaking, effective policy navigation, investment optimization, customized consultation, and comprehensive execution support. Dive into our proven strategies to discover how we can elevate your ITB obligations into impactful investments in Canadian innovation.

Our Expertise

Empower Your ITB Journey with Expert Guidance

ITB Consulting cuts through the complexity of fulfilling Industrial Technological Benefits (ITB) obligations. Our team guides you through every stage – from understanding policy requirements to developing a strategic plan that not only complies with ITB stipulations but also aligns with your business goals, ensuring you deliver impactful benefits while securing valuable credits or fulfilling contractual obligations.


Expertly pairing large companies with obligations under ITB to innovative projects and partners that yield the highest value proposition. Our precise matchmaking process is tailored to align with your strategic objectives and fulfill ITB requirements efficiently.


Leveraging deep insights into the ever-evolving ITB landscape, we provide our clients with up-to-date, strategic advice to navigate their ITB obligations effectively. Our focus is to bridge complex policy environments with actionable pathways.

Optimizing Investment

Beyond fulfilling obligations, our goal is to amplify the impact of each ITB investment. We guide obligors in maximizing their contributions towards innovation within the Canadian economy, focusing on creating sustainable and strategic partnerships.

Strategic Bid Development     

Guide contractors bidding on defense contracts to strategically invest in key industrial areas through our Value Proposition framework. Leveraging requirements, we facilitate long-lasting economic benefits, aligning investments with Canada's strategic goals, and hence maximizing value proposition.

Customized ITB Consultation and Management

Tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of our clients, we facilitate a coherent strategy from investment decisions through execution. Our methodology emphasizes not only compliance but also strategic alignment with business goals and innovation roadmaps.

Comprehensive ITB Execution Support

Supporting obligors throughout their ITB journey, our team stands ready to provide meticulous documentation, negotiation support, and effective representation. From initial discussion to successful fulfillment of obligations, we ensure a seamless and beneficial experience for all stakeholders involved.

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